Ways to Clean Up Annoying Pet Mess

How to Clean Pet Mess

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Most of the people would like to keep pets in their house. Dog and cats are most famous among all of the pet. Everybody makes messes, but human excluding kids do it in the right place. But pets are not like that!

Habitually, Pets are chosen to pee or poop on the mattress or another site instead of the specific litter box. Not only the pee but also vomit, hair fall, stink, and many other dirty things happen, that the pet owner has too faced these situations every single day. They want an easy way to clean up as it seems to be a tough job.

No worries! In this article, we try to help you to out of these nasty things. There are many easy ways to clean up an annoying pet mess. Follow these easy ways to clean up the annoying pet mess.

Easy Ways to Clean Up Annoying Pet Mess

  1. Clean up the fur 

Pets leave their shedding hair throughout everywhere like carpet, sofa, bed, costume and more. Removing of hair is a regular issue for a pet owner. Its need to remove as early as possible since it can cause allergy or other problems to our health.

Regular and thorough vacuuming is a better way to keep away pet hair from your home. Cleaning with the proper tools can decrease your pain. So try to have a pet vacuum that built for suck up hair. Run the vacuum over the carpets, corner of the wall, furniture that your pet lay down.

After a thorough cleaning with the vacuum cleaner, you need to use a scarcely watered mop or clean sponge will up any pet hair those your vacuum cleaner missed.

Before you vacuum, sprinkle a very light coat of baking soda over the carpet or any place where the pets shed a lot. This ingredient tends to unstuck the hair and makes it easier to pull up. in case of less fur, you can apply the wet gloves, or you can purchase a hair removing brush. Fur remover does not only capture the hair but also used for the pet grooming. I’m sure the pet owner must love these tools.

  1. Removing pee stain and urine odor 

You love your dog, but its true they may have an occurrence in the home now and then. Dried urine has emitted strong ammonia smell that can be difficult to get rid out. Even the stink of pet urine makes you and your family members uncomfortable to take a breath. 

 If your dog pee in the house or see a dry urine stain, blot the spot with a towel or tissue immediately. These will soak up as much urine as possible. Then you take a bowl of warm water and put a few drops of liquid soap in it. Take a clean towel or cloth to wipe the wet spot with the soapy water, blotting with the dry towel. Repeat this until no traces of the original dog stain remain. 

To clean up the dry urine marks, sprinkle some baking soda and spray vinegar on the place. Leave it to dry, and after a while, give a thorough vacuuming. If you want to skip the vacuuming, you can use a wet cloth to wash the area( but this not work if the stain is old).

After that, if you get stink still, spray fragrance such as lavender, lemongrass or whatever you prefer.

  1. Clean poop stain

Cleaning poop stain is one of the regular tasks for the pet owner. Poop stain not only leaves behind an unpleasant residue but smell bad too. When it comes to removing poop stain, you will need to use a washing detergent. It contains enzymes which can break down bacteria. Alternatively, you can apply the following procedure.

At first, brush off any residue from the cloth before rinsing the stained area under running water. The higher water pressure remove poop easily. Then you can pour washing liquid straightly onto the poop stain. Spread the washing detergent over the poop stain with a brush.  

Without rinsing off the washing detergent, place the garments and other similar items into the washing machine. Wash with the usual cycle on the warmest wash temperature indicated by the fabric care label.

Another process is, you can use hydrogen peroxide with baking soda and vinegar on poop stain. 

  1. Getting rid of muddy or paw prints

Keeping paw clean is not only for pets but also helps to keep your home clean and hygiene. But it can’t seem convenient to deal at all. So what’s the easy way?

Rubber boots are the first option in my list to avoid muddy since these handy. Whenever you go for a walk with your pet, try to cover its paw with the rubber boots. You don’t need to worry about its footsteps since the shoes keep the feet clean and dry. 

But sometimes your carpet or sofa get the paw marks. In this situation as soon as possible or whenever you see it you need to apply spot cleaner. To make the cleaning solution, mix up 2 to 3-tablespoon of a liquid dishwasher with warm water. After making the solution, drown a clean cloth or towel into it and blot the mud from the outside applying toward the center to avoid the stain spreading.

When the marks disappear, rinse the cloth with water and use it to wipe the surface. If possible then after cleaning, grab a dry cloth to wipe moisture from it.

If you don’t want to use a homemade cleaner, you can also purchase a spot cleaner from the shop at near home. 

  1. Eliminating furniture stink

Undoubtedly you enjoy your pet’s companionship. But the thing is they can also stink up your house if you’re not careful. In this time, you can sprinkle some baking soda over the cushions. Let the powder sit on them for 15 minutes before vacuuming or wiping up, and you can use fabric refresher.

Also, bathing is actually fruitful to avoid odor, so give him a good bath on a regular base.

  1. Looking for Hidden smell

Maximum times we don’t locate where the nasty odor comes from. As you know, pets are sly. That’s why they might not always make a mess in your presence. Therefore you must find out the hidden stink. So find stench you can use a black shine light on the carpet or couch to seek and clean it out.

  1. Grooming of your pet

If you want to keep clean your lovely pet and your house, pet grooming is the best way for you. Reducing pet mess, you should give your pet bath enough. It helps to minimize dirt, germ as well as get out the fetor from its body.

To Give a fresh bath, you can apply apple cider vinegar with clean water( use warm water is better ) to pet body but avoid the eye side. Then brush your pet body eliminate loose fur or little odors. Further, after bathing, comb your pet with a fur-remover brush that helps to pick out the loose hair.

Another way is to train your pet since they are a quick learner. Learn it where to sit, lay, pee, or where not. in initial it may difficult for you to learn him/her, but after some days you see the positive result. Another important thing is, training the pet is not only about to teach, but also it’s strong the bond between you and your loving pets. 

  1. Cleaning of vomit

Pet is like a family member. Sometimes they are vomiting anywhere, but it’s not a regular occurrence. Accidentally it happened, vomit cleaning is more challenging. 

The most useful way of getting rid of vomit is by using a rug detergent. After the mess has eliminated, don’t forget to wash the area with hot water. Hot water can remove the germ and bacteria from the affected place.

  1. Clean up the litter box

Cleaning the pet litter box is essential. The litter box isn’t even noticeable inside your home if you clean it regularly and give proper maintenance.

I explain how to clean the litter box currently. I hope it’s helpful for you. Always wear a mask. It will stop the litter from going up your nose. Then pick up poops with a shovel. Clear out the old litter and wash the tray with hot soapy water. Let it dry completely and fill with fresh pet litter.

  1. Keeping the washer free from fur

When your clothes are covering by pet hair, you can remove it with using the washer. But the pet hair on your clothes tends to accumulate in the appliance. So you need to clean it; otherwise, the machine will be hampered.

A simple way to clean the washer, you can vacuum the machine once become dry. Then collect hair from the drain, pump with a soft brush.

  1. Homemade stain removal cleaner

Some pet parent wants to know how to make stain removal cleaner at home. Here is the solution to it.

At first add some orange peels, 2 cups lemon peels, 6 Tbsp. Of brown sugar and one litter fresh water. All products take a spray bottle and shake it properly. Then you can use it removing the stain. After using, please keep it a natural temperature.

Final Verdict

So, I can say all the pet owner; pets are adorable, charming, and loyal that you won’t find it in other companions. But it doesn’t mean they cannot create a mess. Please groom and clean them properly to get a clean, safe home.

Thank you so much for giving your precious time to read the article. It means you care about your pet a lot !!!

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