10 Best Ferret Cages Reviews

Ferrets can make really good pets. They give nearly as much value in terms of having a pet in general as a cat or a dog, but they require far less maintenance.

There’s no denying that cleaning up after a cat or a dog is quite a chore. This is especially true if you own multiple cats or dogs. Although they make good companions, bigger pets do take a lot of effort to take care of. It is almost necessary to be inside of the house daily in some aspect to take care of them.

Having a ferret as a pet can eliminate most of the stress involved in keeping a pet.

The following are ten cages that you can keep your ferret in without worrying about making it feel a sense of confinement as well as making sure it can sustain itself.

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10 Ferret Cages Reviews

1. Yaheetech 37’’/52”Ferret Cage Indoor Small Animals Hutch with 2 Front Doors/ 3 Front Doors

Key features:

-2 doors, 3 ramps that connect to 3 shelves

-4 levels at 37’’ x 17’’

-Slide out trays on the bottom

-Made with iron

Most ferret cages can be uncomfortable, being mostly designed from grates. The difference in Yaheetech’s cage when it comes to their surface is that while it still has the grate design, it is designed in such a way that provides comfort for any animal in it.

Another great thing about Yaheetech’s cage is that the ramps in it can be adjusted. This can make it a bit easier for any ferrets inside to navigate the cage to get their water and food. It is very mobile, as it has casters on the bottom.

The doors on Yaheetech’s cage can leave a bit to be desired. While it is a good thing that there are two of them, they do not seem to possess the best technology. Most doors on other cages have better technology, as they have much more effective locks and a much better look. The doors on the Yaheetech cage look like it is possible to accidentally open at any time.

2. MidWest Homes for Pets Ferret Nation | Deluxe Ferret Nation Cage & Ferret Playpen

Key features:

-Two stories at 63’’ x 36’’ x 25’’

-3 ramps, 2 shelves, 2 leak proof pans on the bottom

-Double doors for each story

A lot of ferret cages have small doors. This is understandable as these kinds of cages are designed for small animals, but it is refreshing to see the double doors that are larger than normal. This makes it a bit easier for animals to enter and leave.

One unique thing about Ferret Nation’s cage is that its ramps are equipped with covers. This is designed to protect the animals’ toes when they walk across said ramps, and is a pleasant surprise.

Because it comes with so many components and is rather large, Ferret Nation’s cage will take awhile to construct. Further, you will probably need to inspect the box that the cage has come in to see if all of the parts are perfect in their measurements. Some reports have claimed that the parts are not welded perfectly and if you do not check to see if everything is welded perfectly, you could have some trouble

3. Kaytee Ferret Home Plus

Key features:

-Two access doors in the front and one on the top

-Adjustable tab locks and chew proof latches

-Ramps are curved instead of slanted

Kaytee attempts a different kind of approach in their ferret cage. One of these are the ramps, which are curved. This allows for much better traction when compared to the ramps of most other ferret cages. It also has a winding, slide-type of ramp which is a welcome addition to the cage.

Another nice feature about Kaytee’s cage is that it has a few more shelves than most other cages. This particular cage has four shelves compared to the usual three that other cages have. This makes it a bit easier for animals in the cage to navigate to and from different positions inside the cage.

Unfortunately, the different approaches that Kaytee has decided can be problematic. The first drawback here are the access doors. It can be difficult to lock and unlock the door, and the door jambs are pretty flimsy.

Because Kaytee’s cage has so many ramps and shelves, it can get fairly crowded if you are keeping multiple animals in it. The cage itself seems a bit flimsy as well, as the bars are not as thick as other cages are.

4. Marshall Pet Products Folding Ferret Mansion

Key features:

-Measurements are 37’’ x 25’’ x 54’’

-3 ramps, 3 shelves

-2 doors, on the top and bottom

Things are very simple when it comes to Marshall’s cage. It does not contain anything complicated when it comes to the shelves, the ramps, or the doors. While most of these cages contain all kinds of attachments to the shelves, ramps, and doors, Marshall’s cage does not have any of these. This makes it easy to put together.

There are a few drawbacks to Marshall’s cage, however. First, none of the surfaces are truly safe for any animal inside of it. There are no flat surfaces or anything when it comes to the shelves or ramps, meaning that animals can get their toes or feet stuck inside of the grate-like surfaces.

The shelves of Marshall’s cage are also not optimized at all, and are quite flimsy in their setup. It is very possible for any animal to fall right through these shelves to the bottom of the cage, which could lead to injury.

Food bowls and water bottles are not included with Marshall’s cage, and because of the flimsy design of most of the cage, it is not very practical to place a food bowl on any of the shelves or a water bottle along the side of this cage. This can make it difficult to set up food or water receptacles inside of the cage.

5. Midwest Deluxe Critter Nation

Key features:

-2 stories, 2 pans, 2 shelves, 3 ramps

-full width double doors on both stories

-ramps are equipped with covers

Midwest’s Critter Nation keep the safety of the animals inside of it in mind, as the ramps have covers that will protect the toes and feet of the animals that are inside of it. They go on all three ramps and will allow any animals inside of the cage to climb anywhere they please without any real worry.

The top of the Critter Nation is removable, which is a welcome difference compared to most other cages that do not have a removable top. This is a welcome alternative to using the doors to clean the cage or to remove any animals from it.

Another great thing about the Critter Nation are its double doors. The double doors will allow it to be cleaned much easier, as the smaller doors of other cages do not really allow for much flexibility when it comes to cleaning the cage. The pan at the bottom can be easily put in and taken out, which is also nice.

The Critter Nation is quite large and has a lot of parts that will take a while to build. That is the only glaring drawback, and that is understandable, given the fact that it comes with so many nice features when it comes to how it protects your animals as well as the removable top and doors.

6. Prevue Hendryx Black Feisty Ferret Cage

Key features:

-2 shelves, 3 ramps, 1 hammock included

-2 stories with complete width double doors on each

-shelves contain a space for a water bottle

While it is possible to attach a hammock to almost any ferret cage, they often need to be purchased separately and attached separately. The Black Feisty cage already comes with a hammock, which can hang from the top of any of the stories of the cage. This is a very nice addition that many cages do not have.

The double doors are always welcome to any ferret cage, and it is a very good thing that they are attached to the Black Feisty cage. This makes it easy for animals to leave the cage, makes it easy to take animals out of the cage, and makes it even easier to clean the cage.

Aside from the shelves, all the surfaces of the Black Feisty cage are grated. This means it holds the possibility of injuring animals inside of it, especially when they are on the bottom. While it is nice that the bottom pan is able to be removed, making the cage easy to clean, it would be much more preferable if the animals inside this cage could walk directly onto the pan.

It is nice that the shelves contain a space for a water bottle. However, if these spaces do not have bottles in them, it is very possible for an animal to fall through one of these spaces, leading to possible injury.

7. Kaytee Multi-Level Habitat w/Removable Casters, 24″ x 24″ x 41.5″

Key features:

-Hammock, spiral slide, and a funnel

-Casters on the bottom are removable

-deep and scatterless base

Kaytee’s Multi Level cage comes with a lot of things that are not common to most other ferret cages. These things are the hammock, the spiral slide, and the funnel. This creates an environment that is less confining for the animals in the cage and instead is more fun. No animal will get bored inside of the Multi Level cage.

Another thing that separates the Multi Level cage from other ferret cages is the base. The base is much, much deeper than most other bases of other cages. This makes it very easy to clean; it also makes it much easier to keep a food bowl at the bottom of the cage instead of on one of the shelves if you prefer. This base is also replaceable, which makes things even more convenient.

The Multi Level cage itself is not as durable as most others are. The bars are not as solid, and they do not have metal surroundings that some other cages have. The doors also leave something to be desired, as they only use hooks to lock and unlock. This can lead to animals inside of them to escape if they can figure out how to open these doors.

8. New Large 3 Levels Ferret Chinchilla Sugar Glider Rats Animal Cage, Tight 1/2-Inch Bar Spacing by Mcage

Key features:

-Foldable once built

-Removable wire grate floor

-Slide out bottom pan

-2 ramps and 2 shelves

While it can be harmful to have a wire grate floor in a ferret cage, it can sometimes be convenient. But if things do get too harmful, it is possible to remove the wire grate floor, opting instead to let the animals in this cage walk along the bottom pan. This bottom pan also slides out, making it easy to clean. The bottom pan is also very deep, which makes it a good place for a food bowl if that is preferable to having a food bowl on one of the shelves.

The bar spacing of the Mcage is very impressive. While the typical ferret cage has a bar spacing of an inch to an inch and a half, the Mcage has bar spacing of half an inch. This practically guarantees that any animal placed inside of it will stay inside of it. Because it is also chew proof, it will be very difficult for anything to escape the Mcage.

The Mcage is comprised completely of wire and grate type surfacing, and this includes the ramps and shelves. This could cause some injuries and because the surface and the bars are so flimsy, it is possible for some of them to be bent, compromising the bar spacing. This also means that the ramps are also flimsy, and can fall at any moment. The doors of the Mcage are also opened by hooks, which can be easy for an animal to figure out and open as well.

9. Ferplast ferret cage, grey

Key features:

-2 stories, 2 ramps, 4 shelves

-stories are separate, with a tray separating them

-contains numerous accessories, including hammocks and tubes

One of the best things about the Ferplast cage is that it comes with all kinds of accessories. It comes with a water bottle, hammocks, tubes, a plastic feeder, and even a “toilet.” Because these accessories come with the cage, outside accessories will not be needed at all unless you absolutely need other accessories.

The fact that this cage is separated in two different cages is innovative and another great thing about it. The bases are both plastic, with the bases being very deep and very easy to clean. They can also be connected to the tubes that it comes with or they can be separate if you prefer to keep the animals you own separate. It is a very good thing that the Ferplast cage allows these kinds of options.

Ferplast’s cage would be perfect if it’s doors were not so ordinary and simple in their design. They open with hooks, which are possible to chew through. While this is common, it can be especially dangerous because these cages are stacked on top of one another. If an animal on the top cage manages to get out, the results could be disastrous.

10. Piggy BedSpreads Fleece Liners for Ferret Nation Critter Nation Cage (Cage Not Included)

Key features:

-2 large pan liners

-2 small shelf liners

-3 ramp covers

Covers and liners are a something that should be considered if your ferret cage does not have them. This is especially true if the surfaces of your cage have a grate surface. The covers and liners will protect the toes and feet of the animals inside of the cage, and will also prevent ramps from collapsing if they are connected to a flimsy shelf.

Liners will also help when cleaning the bottom of the cage. Again, this is especially true if the bottom of the cage is a grate. If the bottom of the cage is a grate, things can fall through this grate to the floor, and lining the bottom grate will prevent this kind of thing.

The “pillowcase” design of these particular liners will make them easy to take on and off as well. This is especially good when they need to be cleaned, or if you need to change old ones.

One thing to keep in mind when it comes to liners and covers is that you still need to take care of the animals inside of the cage. If your ferret or other small animal has toenails that are long enough, they can get caught onto the fabric of these liners and covers, and that can be a concern.

Purchase Guide – What to keep in mind before buying?

At the moment of observing a cage you must have certain elements in consideration before acquiring them, since there are mainly two criteria to evaluate the ease of handling that the cage will give you, and the comfort level that your ferrets will feel when they are in it.

Next, we give you the best tips to keep them in mind.


The space is quite important, first in your home should be a place that does not affect or is exposed to many noises. Ferrets are animals with high energy levels so the cage must have appropriate dimensions so you can spend all that accumulated energy.

In general, when buying it, it will be very small and often the constant growth of these animals is not taken into consideration. In general aspects the minimum that you should consider for a cage is that it measures 90 x 60 x 70 cm , in length, width and height respectively.

Cage Ferrets 1 Flat Hammock

This cage meets the basic standards to keep your pet happy. Although it is the smallest presentation, with measures of 90 x 50.5 x 46 cm and a single floor, it is the most economical, made of extremely resistant materials and includes a tube, hammock and some platforms. If you have little space in your home and do not want to spend a lot of money, the 1-floor hammock cage may be your best option.

Cage for Medium Ferrets

If you want to have a cage a little bigger than the previous one, but with the same implements, we suggest the cage formedium ferrets . Apart from its dimensions are 80 x 50 x 70 cm, this cage has varnishes and non-toxic plastics, along with an excellent security lock, which will keep your ferret safe.

3 Floors

3 floors is ideal if you have good space in your home. It is made of a very resistant material; each floor measures 40 x 20cm, connected in turn by three ramps, has wheels that allow moving it with great ease. In addition, its security locks have built-in chains, and finally includes a trough, drinking trough and removable tray to facilitate cleaning. Its total size is 93 height x 64 front x 44 depth (in cms).

Of the three options, I strongly recommend the Huron 50- 3 storey cage, since it not only includes beforehand a feeder, drinking trough and removable tray, which do not count the two previous cages and therefore you will have to invest separately in said objects, but also because of its large space, since it gives enough freedom to your ferret in a controlled environment. In addition to this, it is currently in discount So take advantage!

Design and materials

First of all, you should avoid buying cages that are made of wood, or whose windows are made of iron or glass, since the strength of these animals can destroy them, it is best to acquire models made of metal with small grids.

In many cases it is better to choose those models that have 2 floors or more, since the width will not simply change the height, the product a larger space will allow your ferret to have more fun and will greatly facilitate the cleaning of certain environments of the cage No need to take your pet out of it.

As for the entrances or accesses you should see that they are wide enough so that you can have control at the time of removing the ferret, and also while cleaning the cage daily, otherwise if they are enclosed spaces it will be an uncomfortable process.

Finally, it is necessary to comment that placing water and their food is necessary, and that the cage has a space for them.



If you are going to have ferrets or other very small mammals as pets, it is very important to keep them in a cage. Because of their size, it is not suitable to keep those kinds of animals outside where they can roam around the house as they will get lost.

When selecting a cage, be very mindful of what the cage can offer when it comes to how many stories it has as well as how many ramps and shelves they contain. How the doors open and close and how effective the locks on the doors to the cage is very important as well.

The final thing to keep in mind is are the bars themselves as well as the material of the cage. Because it is possible for animals inside of the cage to escape, this is also something to be very mindful of.