Best RC Trucks Reviews 2018

Everyone who is a true remote control fanatic dreams of getting dirty, taking some jumps, and manning the wheel where the somewhat dated “Bigfoot” truck left off during the 1980s. Some of the ones available currently are truly toys, with oversized parts and an almost cartoonish appearance, while some are ready to perform in the long haul for you, climbing huge dirt mounds, and offering farther transmission ranges for more fun. We wanted to give you the option to compare and contrast five of the best electric rc trucks on the market out there, so you can make a decision for yourself on which one is best for you.

How to Choose Your RC Trucks

We’re on the hunt for the best RC trucks in the world! We checked out some of the highest-rated RC trucks we could find, researching and reviewing each one until we built up a list of ten of our favorites. So if you are looking for the sweetest RC trucks around, we’ve got them right here! There were a couple of important stats we looked into while compiling this list. Here is each of them with a breakdown of what each one means when you’re shopping for an RC truck.

Chassis – A chassis is the framework on which a wheeled vehicle is built. While most full-sized cars are built on steel frames, RC trucks are usually built on plastic or aluminum.

4WD – Want to go off road with your new RC truck? Four wheel drive allows you to get over some difficult terrain, If you want it on your new truck, check out this icon to see if you’ll get it.

Scale – The ratio of scale is always a one, then the number of times the full version is bigger. This will be based on the dimensions of the small car in relation to the larger version.

Batteries – Does this RC car take batteries? We’ll let you know what kind of batteries you’ll need in the description. If the vehicle is not rechargeable, you’ll see a “yes” in this box.

Charger – If the RC truck is rechargeable, we’ll put the “yes” under this icon. That means no batteries are needed, and the RC truck comes with a rechargeable battery.

Dimensions – How big is the RC truck? We’ll let you know the dimensions of the truck in inches. Each measurement will be formatted with length by width by height.

Best Electric RC Truck Reviews

Most Popular Overall RC Truck:best

1. Maisto R/C Rock Crawler Radio Control Vehicle


For the price, this is where anyone that has a burning interest in remote-controlled trucks can get a true crawler: it is not known for its speed, but is a great off-road machine. There is a tri-channel transmitter that allows for 3 people to play at once, a great feature of the Maisto. This is a great climber, really made for getting through rocks and dirt. Here is a quick look at some of the features you get for just around $25:

  • Two motors and low gearing for great off-road function
  • Durable front and rear suspension
  • Runs on 6 AAA for the vehicle, and 2 AA for the controller, both not included
  • TPE tires that allow for a very grippy ride
  • Recommended age: 8-15 years
  • Shipping weight: 2.9 lbs
  • Frequencies are able to be changed for simultaneous racing

This is not the kind of RC unit that you can expect when you get into the over $200 range, but for the price, it’s pretty awesome. Reviewers state that most of the trucks with suspension are just for looks, but the shocks on this one really are functional, helping the truck climb in many situations. Due to the low price tag, you don’t really have to worry if you get a few dents and dings, and this is a very resilient model for the price. The motor’s whine is a bit noisy, but this toy even works in the snow and rain, and is just very durable all-around; a great entry point for any RC enthusiast, that’s why it comes in at the top of our best electric rc truck guide.

2. Redcat Racing Electric Volcano EPX Truck with 2.4GHz Radio


This best electric RC truck is the definition of a fast and powerful RC truck powerhouse, and has shaft driven 4wd to take care of any obstacle thrown in its way. Situated in the very popular $150 or so price range, the body can be scraped up quite a bit and still be pretty resilient, and even when its flipped it maintains pretty well. Here are some basic features for the exciting Redcat:

  • 27T 540 electric brushed motor, four wheel drive nad very high torque servo
  • Oil filled shocks, and polycarbonate body
  • Transmission will go forward and in reverse, charger included
  • Radio requires 8 aa batteries (not included), servo and receiver are waterproof
  • Maximum speed of 20 MPH
  • Radio system is 2.4 GHz
  • No assembly required

This is a great choice for anyone who is planning on becoming gradually more serious about RC racing. The charge lasts about 35 minutes, and the range for remote transmission goes further than some users are even comfortable with. One customer who really punished this truck and put it through the test on a daily basis was very happy that the only thing he really had to replace on it was the mirror. Customer service with this company is better than many others, as one who desperately needed help with parts had received an email back from them within one hour. The bumpers are one thing that some recommend upgrading, and the charge time is usually just over an hour.

Short Course Racing Truck

3. Traxxas 70054-1 Slash: 4WD Electric Short Course Racing Truck


Truly a fully-fledged and durable racer, this is not a “mini” by any means. This truck has a Race Replica polycarbonate shell, and winning suspension technology that is the great innovation of the E-revo. With just a few minor upgrades, you really get a souped-up racer, and this truck has a simply awesome appearance that is rugged while still modern. Here are some of the major specs:

  • Made using the highest quality components
  • TQ 2,4ghz radio system
  • Has a Titan 550 motor for ultra-fast performance
  • 6-Cell NiMH 1200mAh Traxxas ID battery
  • 2-Amp DC peak detecting charger
  • Waterproof electronics for all-weather driving, and excitement in water or mud
  • No assembly required
  • 1/32 scale

This really is the best-selling short-course model, and this baby is widely-known to handle the track well. Full-size Traxxas TORC-series racing approves of this as an excellent series racer, and the suspension on this 4WD monster is really world-class. This is a truck that can flip and roll and really take a beating, and the company is known for excellent customer service. One user encountered a broken servo after just a couple races, and Traxxo sent them one right away with no hassle. The only thing you really need to order to be fully ready to race is a wall charger for the home, as the stock charger that comes with it plugs into the car. The starter settings are great for those that want to learn at a slower speed, and the advanced driving setting surprises nearly every first-time user with its sheer amount of get up and go!

4. Redcat Racing Vortex SS Desert Nitro Truck


This is one great suped-up racer that is in the higher priced range, and is a killer selection for a best electric RC truck. It’s a completely ready-to-run nitro truck that boasts a durable polycarbonate crash-resistant body, and treads that will fully allow it to conquer any mud or sand-trap elements in your obstacle course. With a 2-channel AM radio system, this is an excellent choice of model to graduate to after experimenting with some others. Here are some of its basic specs:

  • Stunning black/blue colors, just like your favorite dirt track stars!
  • Nitro-fueled 3.0 Occ Sh-18 engine
  • 5 mm thick Aluminum Alloy Chassis, 4 oil filled Aluminum body shocks
  • This uses a two-speed transmission, with a fuel tank capacity of 75 CC. 2.4 Ghz radio included
  • Requires 12 AA batteries, 4 for the car, and 8 for remote control… (These are not included).
  • Weight is 3.7 lbs.
  • Dimensions are 27 x 14 x 9 inches
  • Wheels have true 4 x 4 traction
  • Do not use gas, runs on nitro fuel only

This is a very fast off-road vehicle that is one of Traxxas’s true competitors, although usually cheaper. Users love the two-speed transmission and claim that you really have to be ready for the speed! For the cost, this truck is very durable. it can be flipped and abused, and remains pretty resilient. Front suspension pins may need to be replaced at times if you are really pounding it through areas that contain mud AND concrete, but this is to be expected. The range on the remote scores high points, and users have fun just getting used to the throttle while learning the ropes of RC off-roading. One of the most important tips we have read is that getting the electric starter kit is almost mandatory, as the pull-start can lose its effectiveness quickly. The main difference between this and a Traxxas model is durability in parts. If you do spring for a Traxxas model, you are going to notice more ruggedness and will see that many more stores service them.

Best Children’s RC Truck:

5. VTech Drop and Go Dump Truck

This is a toy for toddlers on up to 3-year-olds, that is great for learning motor skills, and getting used to new sounds. The appearance is what some would picture to be off of the movie “Cars”: very warm and bright, with kind of oversized visual features. Here are some of the basic specs:

  • Dropping the rocks into the top make of the dump truck toy allows you to watch them tumble to the bottom, for learning numbers
  • Develops motor skills by lifting the hinged bucket to unload the previous rocks and begin the process again
  • Also has 3 colorful buttons that play melodies, teaching toddlers tool use and colors.
  • Comes with 2 AAA batteries

This is an educational toy that is for very small children, and is not a fully-fledged member of the best electric RC truck club. Still, it is a great starter for children that love trucks and cars, and will provide hours of amusement for the younger ones in your life. Reviewers claim that it is awesome for learning, and many toddlers are drawn to it right away. This is definitely not in the category of those that are fully remote-controlled for racing and outdoor use, but an excellent starter toy to stoke appreciation in very young children. It has a very cute appearance, and many pick it out right away as their favorite toy in a new room. One of the only cons about this product is that you cannot order replacement balls, so you do have to try pretty hard to not lose the original three that come included.

Final Conclusion

The choice of buying a gas-powered or electrical RC truck is always based on your needs and wants, as well as where you will play the toy. You should always remember that gas-powered trucks are noisy and are not suggested for quiet and small neighborhoods. Nonetheless, they can be good for racing competitions and exhibition shows.