Best RC Drift Cars Reviews

Are you new to RC racing and thinking of your first purchase? Or are you looking for a gift for your kid? This guide will assist you in avoiding making a purchase of the best RC car that doesn’t suit your intended use for your remote controlled vehicle of choice.

If you are really deep into the world of RC drift car driving and racing, you know how hard it can be to find the perfect car for you. There are so many cars that you can choose from and so many different styles and features that they can offer, that the market of drift RC cars can be hard to navigate. This article will give you a quick and easy breakdown of some of the best drift RC cars on the market, and guide you toward picking the best RC drift car in 2018 for your drifting wants and needs.

5 Best RC Drift Car

With so many options and varieties of the drift cars, the following are the ones we recommended to get the most amazing drifting experience.

1. Exceed RC MadSpeed Electric Powered Drift Car

This drifting RC car has got all the amazing features that can be expected from a drift car. The design of the drift car has been so kept that it helps the users to get even the minute luxuries without any compromises made. The car along with providing with high speed with its 450 brush motor also takes care to provide a low center for the gravity designing details. The vehicle also has a torque steering servo of the high capacity of 3KG.

The side viewing mirrors have been designed with covering all the details so that they can provide the exact and accurate estimation of the traffic. The wheels, wings and the body parts are all taken care to develop the best drift car that not only provides full control on the drifts but also ensures the security of the rider. Foam bumpers are also used for providing the extra protection when the rider is drifting with full speed.


Exceed RC MadSpeed Pros

  • High speed
  • Manageable steering servo
  • Well controllable drifting rubber wheels
  • Foam bumpers
  • Independent suspension
  • Supports complete ball bearings

Exceed RC MadSpeed Cons

  • Separate batteries are needed for the transmitter which is not included in the package purchase


The car is simply a masterpiece that will amaze you with all its amazing features and quality performance. The car has been the preferred choice for all those who understand the meaning of speed and wants to enjoy the speedy thrilling experience with the maximum possibility of car drifting. If excellent performance and great design are your main focus when buying the drifting car then you will surely love this car.

2. Team Energy Belt Drive Pro Drift Car

This is another amazing drift car in the list of Exceed RC. Just like all their models of drift cars, this car also masters in every department and will never make you regret your decision of buying it. To start with the car has been designed with the brushless motor of 3300KV, a brushless ESC of 50A and a battery of 7.4V 3900mAh. All these specifications are considered to be the best combination that provides the car with its amazing speed and drifting capability.

The 2.4G radio system adds more confirmation of the fact that the car is the right choice for the car race lovers. The dual belt supporting system for driving along with fully independent suspension takes cares of the security of the driver. The drift wheels and the precisely designed steering manage every possible condition of damage.


Team Energy Belt Drive Pros

  • High speed
  • Excellent grip
  • Shock resistant
  • Adjustable buckles for turns
  • Perfect ball bearing support for the rotating parts
  • Easily to drive and manage

Team Energy Belt Drive Cons

  • The batteries needed for the remote control is not included


The car has got all the right features that can provide you with a stylish and comfortable ride with the ease of managing and controlling the drifting of the car. The car saves the installation time or energy as it falls in the ready to ride category which makes the users save a lot of their time and thereby increases their chances to win the race. It would not be wrong to say that the drift car is the perfect and complete package of quality and comfort.


3. Exceed RC MadSpeed Drift King Car

As the name suggests this drift car is the king in the drift requirement of the racing cars. The car has a brushless motor of 380 3000KV which even makes the high-speed racing experience as smooth as possible. To manage the high speed of the car, it is well-equipped with the foam bumpers that provide and actually enhances the security of the car during the race.

The car has a centralized gravity design that balances and manages the grip of the car even in tough and rough situations. The detailed viewing can be found with the specially designed side mirrors. The car also has a radio controller transmitter of 2.4GHz. The car can be easily handled with the easily accessible rear and front differentials of balls.


Exceed RC MadSpeed Drift King Pros

  • High speed
  • Ready to race
  • No installation time needed
  • Easily accessible wheels and various car parts
  • Drifting rubber wheels for the best drifting experience
  • Pre-painted body
  • LED lights to highlight the path

Exceed RC MadSpeed Drift King Cons

  • The car does not include the charger and the batteries needed for the remote controller.


The car is truly a masterpiece that leaves no chance of criticism of any kind. It has the right mix of all the high-quality features that deliver the amazing drifting experience. The design of the car is also kept as per the latest needs and trends in the industry. The car will give you one of the best supports for the drifting experience that you want without compromising on the security of the driver. You must not miss trying your hands on this car if you truly want to experience what real drifting can feel like.

4. HPI Racing Sprint 2 Drift Car

The car gives tough competition to the drift cars of Exceed RC due to all the good reasons. The car has amazing features that help the performance of the car to be brilliant in every department of performance. The main aim of the car is to provide high speed and complete security to the driver and the car fulfills it without any fail. The car uses a 7.2V 2000mAh battery that provides the high speed to the car and as far as the security of the car is concerned, for that, the car has got enough parts.

The car ensures the safety of the car by providing an independent suspension and belt strap protection. The high grip of the drifting rubber wheels manages the driving in all types of conditions and road surfaces without failing in the performance. The car confirms its success in the market by making all their parts as water resistant so that the driver may not fear driving it in the watery area as well.


HPI Racing Sprint 2 Pros

  • High speed
  • 2.4GHz radio system
  • An ESC of SC-15WP
  • Water resistant servo steering with the capacity of SF-10W
  • Water resistant receiver box
  • Easy to access and handle
  • Excellent grip on the wheels and steering

HPI Racing Sprint 2 Cons

  • The car does not include the required remote controller batteries.


The drift car is expected to be instantly ready to be used without wasting any time for installing the car’s engines, motors or other parts. The HPI drift car fulfills this basic requirement by being ready to ride drift car. The car also does complete justice on the looks and design department by coming in the most stylish color and design. This drift car is the perfect example of excellence and commitment for the race lovers.

Redcat Racing Everest-10

For those who love adventures and a little hard hitting time in the outback, this model has been designed for you. This RC is so much more than just another car. It comes in two colors namely red and blue. The design of this rock crawler is just the way it should be – sturdy, hard and meant for some wild adventures in the outback.

  • The motor is quite commendable.
  • It comes with aluminium capped oil filled shocks
  • Battery and charger are included in the model
  • It comes with both forward and reverse transmission
  • Users can enjoy different kinds of activities like rock crunching, stone slamming, and boulder stamping without bang afraid that this will damage the externals or even the whole RC.
  • The parts are replaceable should the need arises
  • The locking mechanisms are made from plastic and are injected to rapid wear and tear. They might need quicker replacement than what you anticipate