Best RC Drift Cars – Our Top Units and What To Consider

You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for the best RC drift car for the price. We have written down useful information to consider and to help you choose the right RC car. We have also listed down and reviewed our top recommendations so be sure to check them all out and hopefully you find one that best suits your style. Check out this video below of a competition for RC drifting:


We understand that there are a lot of options when it comes to buying, it can be complicated and downright overwhelming at times. You may not realize, but we often encounter people that get overwhelmed by all sorts of info related to RC drift cars.

Don’t worry, we’re here to make things easier for you. We’ll leave out all the crappy stuff and focus on important things to consider. You might also be aware that there a lot of models out there to choose from, so we reviewed some of the top ones that we recommend, give them a read and see if any of them are for you. Here’s a quick navigation list if you want to jump right into any specific info:

Our Recommendations





Exceed RC MadDrift 1/8
Several Styles Available

Redcat Racing EPX Drift Car
(Highly Recommended)

Tamiya RC Ferrari 458 TT02D

Exceed Electric DriftStar
(Beginner Recommended)
Several Styles Available

Exceed MadSpeed Drift King
Several Styles Available

Team Energy X10DR

1/10 Scale 4WD

Things to Consider

Your Budget

Your budget would probably be the first thing you should consider. You can shop around your neighborhood to check shops for make and models that fit your style. This will give you an idea of what the current pricing is in the market.

Always check or inquire for bundled items like rechargeable batteries, spare parts and accessories as these bundles affect cost and may make your purchase cheaper.

RC Motor Type

Faster doesn’t mean better. “Wait, what did you say?” I can hear you saying this right now. This is actually true when it comes to RC drifting, it simply means that the faster your RC drift car is, the more difficult it is to control. A higher torque with slower speed makes it easier to drift the car, this means that an out-of-the-box motor is recommended for beginners.

You will find that RC motors will have a number included in their model name, such as 7.5T, 13.5T or 27T, this represents the number of turns. Simply put, a higher number of turns means higher torque and longer battery life, resulting to a slower speed but much easier control. In contrast, less turns means there’s less torque, resulting to faster speeds but it will be harder to control.

Brushed Motors

Most RTR (Ready-to-Run) models come with a brushed motor so they’re not hard to find.Since these are mostly stock motors, these are good for beginners who are somewhat testing the waters in this hobby.

However, due to the mechanical nature of brushed motors, regular cleaning and maintenance is required to keep it in good running condition and extend its life.

Brushless Motors

These motors utilize magnets for rotation and they don’t have mechanical parts, which also means they need very little maintenance.The best thing about them is the consistent power they deliver, but we recommend upgrading to a Li-Po battery to fully maximize it.

Take note though, brushless motors are generally more expensive than brushed motors. There’s also the compatibility with the ESC you’re using, so make sure you do some research first before upgrading.

Drift Tires

Even outside the RC racing hobby, we all know that tires play a major role when it comes to car drifting. Although drift tires are based on user preference and would largely depend on the surface you’ll be running your RC drift car, below are some of the best RC drift tires that we recommend.

The most common ones, HPI T-Drifts are equipped on most units, these are good all-around tires and are very dependable.Another set would be the GoolRC Drift Car tires, which provide great and smooth control on asphalt surfaces where RC drift cars are usually driven.

Additionally, you burn through tires depending on the surface type, with this in mind, you can go for softer tires on smooth surfaces and hard-compound tires if you plan to run on rough surfaces.Take note also that when using higher compound tires, there’s more free spin so try and setup your unit with lower RPMs for better drift.

Battery Types

When it comes to battery type, you can choose between one of two, which is the Li-Po (Lithium-Polymer) and the NiMH (Nickel-Metal-Hydride) type. There are other ones out there you can use, but these two are highly recommended and are efficient.

A NiMH battery is made up of chained, 1.2V individual cells that increases total voltage, a regular 6-cell NiMH battery is 7.2 volts. The more voltage pumped into your RC drift car, the faster it gets. Now before upgrading, remember that other components such as the ESC, need to be compatible to the higher voltage.

A Li-Po battery also has the same setup as a NiMH battery except for the voltage. The individual cells contain 3.7 volts and you can select from 1 to 4 cells. Simply put, a 4-cell Li-Po battery produces 14.8 volts, perfect for high end setups as it outputs some serious power.

So the question is, why still choose a NiMH battery over a Li-Po one? This all boils down to compatibility. You see, with the high output that a Li-Po battery releases, it can easily toast your RC motor. Always make sure to check the maximum voltage of your motor as well as other parts such as the ESC.

Best RC Drift Car Reviews

Exceed RC MadDrift 1/8

One of the best RC drift car out in the market, the MadDrift has a lot of impressive features and components out of the box. Its 540L Brushless motor supplies high horsepower so you won’t have any problems with high speed drifting. The weight distribution and balancing of this models enable great handling even with its fast speed.


It’s also equipped with a 2.4GHz radio system that gives flawless control over this unit during drifting. The design and unique look further increases the value of this car in addition to its already impressive specs.



  • Brushless Motor out of the box
  • Great looking car and impressive specs
  • Parts and Accessories are easily available
  • Li-Po battery not included in package

Redcat Racing EPX Drift Car

The Redcat Racing EPX showcases a sleek super car design and pack a lot of great features that it can bring to the track. It has a great handle when you perform your drifting and a good start for beginners looking to start with RC drift cars.


This model comes with a lightweight tube chassis, an ESC that allows for reverse drive, oil-filled shocks that are great for shock absorption and a 2.4 GHz radio system for flawless control. It also comes with different color and style varieties which may save you some money when choosing your preferred design. Truly a solid competitor among the best RC drift cars, the Racing EPX Drift Car stands out simply because of all the features and variety it offers.



  • Awesome Design and Durability
  • Great for Beginners
  • Brushless Motor, Li-Po battery and charger included
  • Somewhat poor battery life

Tamiya RC Ferrari 458 TT02D

The Ferrari 458 TT02D is also considerably one of the best RC drift car to start with. If you like Ferraris but don’t have money to buy one, you can settle with this model for possibly the next best thing. It comes with the durable TT-02D chassis, a 4-wheel drive, and fully independent suspension kit for easier assembly and maintenance.


It has a polycarbonate body for extra durability, and it includes a 540 brushed motor for extra power. This model also comes with installable LED lights for extra flair and style points. The Ferrari 458 TT02D is definitely a superb unit, it’s aesthetically good looking and has a lot of power to offer.



  • 4WD allows great handling
  • TT02D chassis is great for drifting
  • Durable frame and body
  • Charger and Batteries not included depending on bundle

Exceed Electric DriftStar RTR 350

Also another addition to this list is an entry level RC drift car that’s good for beginners. The DriftStar is essentially a 4x4 equipped with a shaft drive. It also comes with a powerful brushed motor and a good set of front and rear suspensions.


The Exceed brand may not be renowned compared to other brands in the RC toys scene, but this product from them is a good bang for the buck, it offers a good design and good starter features well within an affordable price range.



  • 540 Brushed Motor provides good power
  • Durable frame and body
  • Beginner and Budget Friendly
  • Battery and Charger sold separately
  • Some reported issues with the ESC


There’s quite a lot if information to go through, but ultimately we hope we’re able to answer some of your questions when it comes to picking your RC drift car. We’re quite confident that you’ll be making a solid choice after going through what we wrote.

We included some recommendations for you that we believe will be great starter units or good addition to your RC collection. Always remember that drifting has a bit of learning curve, just keep practicing and we’re sure you’ll be enjoying this hobby in no time.

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