Best Hamster Cage Reviews

Hamsters are lovely and very adorable pets. These pets are just one of the few creatures that children can easily care for. In fact, if you ever need to nurture your children’s love for animals, hamsters are your best friends. That is why you also need to provide them with a home where they can thrive and be happy. Choosing the best cage for hamsters is never easy since there are certain things that you really have to look for. Understanding these requirements is crucial to making the right decision. We are here to provide you with this information so you can start taking care of the hamsters. And, as an added bonus, we are sharing with you the results of our search for the 10 best hamster cages you might want to start with.

When you buy a cage for a hamster, you do not have to think that it is a place to have an animal tucked in, if not the house for a living being.

It has to give you comfort, entertainment and safety.

It has to be prepared and be a large cage if the hamster is large , or be prepared if the cage is for a Russian, common or Syrian hamster .

Maybe choosing a hamster cage may not be as easy as you thought but we will try to give you some tips to help you.

How does it have to be the ideal cage for hamsters?

The first step is to ensure the size of your hamster depending on your species, for that we link you to another part of these same types of hamsters , I bought hamsters that were very small and that grew to grow more than I could imagine, that’s why it’s important that you know the final size of your hamster to avoid having to buy another cage within a few months, because like to people, hamsters are very disturbed by the removals.

It is also important to know where you want to have it, if on the floor you will have to buy it with standing height or if you already have a table always prepared in sight, the cage will suffice ..

A factor to take into account is also the ventilation, as most of the cages for hamsters are of grid does not usually have problem, but in case of opting for new models of glass you will have to have several factors in mind as open lid or not the sunlight directly enters them.

Cage for glass hamsters or with bars?

Something very fashionable lately are the glass cages, in addition to being simpler they allow to see the animal better and do not require to be closed at the top because they can not climb through the glass.

Personally I have no opinion or preference for any of the two, at the time I chose bars because I liked it, the cage had 2 floors and was very entertaining, but there are many glass cages that have a lot of charm, also as we said before, be a cage For a Russian, Syrian, common or any other type of hamster, we have to take into account the size you will have to be sure you will be comfortable in the habitat.

Personally I do not recommend wooden cages because hamsters can gnaw them and create a hole to go out.

Top 5 Cages for Hamster

1. BPS 1340

Comfort is the main premise that is reflected in all the components of the BPS 1340 hamster cage. This cage is the best cage for hamsters of value for money in this list. The Russian hamster cage comes in three presentations: pink, green or blue.

It is made of plastic, an extremely comfortable material to clean and disinfect any bacteria that may affect the hamster. Its design is two stories, linked by a staircase. In the lower part there is an exercise wheel for the hamster, and in the upper part there is a small castle.

With dimensions of 32.5 x 23 x 23 centimeters this cage is also an excellent option for those users who do not have much space.



Exterior: The cage incorporates a metallic exterior, so that the risk that the hamsters can deteriorate the outer walls and escape is almost nil.

Assembly and disassembly: The process of assembly of the cage is simple, which facilitates both the initial installation and the subsequent process of cleaning the product.

Accessories: This cage has all the necessary accessories, such as the trough or drinking fountain, so you do not need to buy anything else. An interesting question if we consider that this is the best cage for hamster for 20 euros that you can find nowadays.


Capacity: Although the product has a good measure, it is true that it can not accommodate as many animals as the best market cage for hamsters.

Measures of the castle: The castle located in the superior part can not be very operative in case you have a hamster of a certain size, by its dimensions

2. Songmics PHC003

Beauty, quality, good taste and resistance are just some of the first impressions that users have about the Songmics hamster cage PHC003. Although it is far from being one of the cheapest products, you already know the quality just by seeing it. Its material is an impeccable ecological and non-toxic spruce wood that does not clash in any way.

Its size is large, because it has dimensions of 99 x 55 x 55 cm. Users have also described ventilation as very positive, because in the roof it only has a wire grid, so the air enters the entire surface. Frontally it has two large plexiglass windows.

The cage has two large floors with ramps on both sides of each, so the rodent can move in it as easily and can feel comfortable.


Materials: Since the cage is made of natural wood, it offers a healthier environment for rodents than conventional plastic models.

Design: The doll house design, with its furniture and other elements included, is a fun alternative to conventional models.

Capacity : The product is suitable to accommodate large animals or in a good amount, without complications.

Quality: Although it is not a specific manufacturer, this model could be framed as that of the best brand of cages for hamsters of the moment.


Resistance: Due to the desire of rodents to bite everything that is near, it is possible that hamsters will bite furniture or walls if they have nothing but to gnaw by hand.

Measurements: The product has a considerable size, 99 centimeters wide by 55 high and 55 deep, so it is not too easy to place it at home if space is scarce.

3. Kerbl 82722

Wood has also established itself as one of the great materials of hamster cages. Although in the case of Kerbl 82722 is not as present as in others, it can be said that wood is its most predominant material, accompanied by the metal of the grid.

This cage has two levels connected by a ramp that crosses it from one end to the other. Its weight is 7 kilograms and its dimensions are 100 x 53 x 40 cm, making it a large cage. On the upper level, this cage has a very attractive wooden house.

In addition, it has two feeders; one in each level. In addition to the ramp, the hamster can also be moved by means of a suspension bridge of darker wood.


Available space:  Thanks to the measures and the distribution that this cage offers, it is not complicated to have a good amount of space for your rodents to have fun.

Cleaning : Thanks to the support system of the base, it facilitates good access to it, which makes it easier to clean the floor and the rest of the elements of the cage.

Exterior : The metallic exterior prevents the hamsters from gnawing at it and escaping, leaving the door at the top.


Drinker: The product is not accompanied by a drinker, so you will have to buy it separately, or use one that you have at home.

Materials : Some users lack the fact that the product has somewhat better materials, than the relatively simple plywood panels that are part of the floors.

House measures : The measures of the house located at the top can be small, in case you have a pet of a considerable size.

4. Sahara Oasis MO222B

Also in the search for a large cage for hamsters, the Sahara Oasis MO222B is an important option to consider. Its dimensions are 55 x 34 x 45 cm and its structure is extremely complex, coming to seem disorganized to some users.

In addition to the main base, this hamster cage has two sub-levels that occupy half the surface and communicate through small slides.

There is also a cylinder through which the animal can be fed. The cage for hamsters Sahara Oasis MO222B combines the colors green, pink, gray and yellow, in its different tonalities.


Complete set: Without a doubt, it is a cage with which your pets are not going to get bored, since they have slides, different plants, tunnels and other spaces so that they do not stop moving inside.

Outer cage : The cage-like exterior, with metallic construction, prevents animals from accidentally escaping, provided the cage is kept properly closed, of course.


Assembly: Due to the large number of elements present in the cage, the process of assembly of the same, as well as the cleaning, is somewhat more complicated than it should be.

External resistance The resistance of the plastics is typical of the cheapest cages, being able to break in case of receiving some accidental blow or by the own rodent action of the animals.

Size of the animals: It is not a product suitable for large animals, which can hardly take advantage of almost any of the elements included such as tunnels or slides, among others.

5. LEON3 LL33

If you are looking for the best cage for hamsters, it would be extremely unfair not to have the LEON3 LL33 among your options. The first thing that stands out from this cage is the number of colors it is designed for.

Its finish on the surface is a very faint blue, but inside the cage the slides and the different toys are of a different color.

Precisely toys are one of the greatest strengths of this product, because it has two wheels, a drinking fountain, a small house in which you can place the hamster’s food, among other things.

This product has three levels and its size is 40 x 60 centimeters, so it is ideal for those users who do not have much space.


Levels: Its three levels make it easy for hamsters to move comfortably, while also exercising during the passage through the different areas that this cage offers them.

Wheels: Having two exercise wheels is no problem in having several hamsters inside the cage, without lack of entertainment, as it would correspond to the best cage for hamsters of the moment.

Drinker and feeding trough: If you do not know which cage for hamsters to buy, this model incorporates both the trough and feeder, so that your small pets are properly fed.



Cleaning: Due to the three-story structure of the model it is necessary to completely disassemble the cage completely to proceed to perform an efficient cleaning.

Colors : Oddly enough, it is not possible to choose the color of the product, receiving the same in a totally random color, which does not allow to customize this choice.

Shopping guide


It seems that the world is getting smaller and smaller and also the houses. This means that size is becoming more and more urgent and many users prefer a small cage for a small animal. For this reason, knowing the size of a cage for hamsters is essential before buying. There are of all types, because a good and economical hamster cage can be any size.

The larger ones have several floors and a much wider surface in which more than one hamster can coexist, while the smaller ones can be composed of a single surface, generally in the form of a parallelepiped and with fewer accessories inside.

Regardless of the size, the importance of knowing it beforehand lies in knowing what will be the space that will be available in the house permanently and that will become the home of the hamster.



Like any pet, hamsters play with different accessories. What differentiates it from other species is that, in many occasions, these accessories are included inside the cages in which they live. The simplest cages have very few accessories with which the hamster can entertain, while the larger and more complex have many accessories with which the hamster can feel at ease all the time.

One of the favorite toys of hamsters and for which they are commonly identified is the wheel. This toy is very present in the cages for hamsters, although the slides are also important. Other figures such as small castles, labyrinths and the like are also designed in cages of this type.

Additionally and thinking about the welfare of the animal, many cages usually include drinking troughs that quench the thirst of hamsters.



The quality, in most of the products of any type that there is in the market, usually defines by the materials. Especially in an object such as a cage where an animal will live for several years, the quality of the materials is essential so that it can have a long enough life and should not be used to buy another in a short time. Being a complex product, there is usually no single material.

One of the ones with the most presence is plastic. Although the useful life of the cages of this material is not the highest, its benefit is reflected when the cleaning is done much more easily. On the other hand, another of the materials used is wood.

This material is probably the most appreciated by users, due to its impeccable aesthetics and maximum durability. Some combine them with metal in the part that separates the surface, which can be grids.

How to use a cage for hamster

Your pet needs a quiet, cozy and fun place to develop properly. A cage for hamsters is the ideal solution for these friendly rodents. But if you do not know how to use this product, we invite you to keep reading.

Locate the right place to place the cage

Hamsters are animals that need a lot of tranquility, so the place to find should be free of noise. They also need that the place where the hamsters are going to be dark or in low light.

A very important aspect is that the place should be free of wind and humidity, so that the substrate or the food does not get wet. You can place the cage in a place outside the house, but it is advisable to be indoors and away from other more dangerous animals, such as dogs.

Make the assembly of the cage with everything the hamster needs

Go through the instruction manual and arm each part of the cage. The ideal hamster stay should have at least one tunnel, because these animals love to travel and get into narrow places.

You must have a roulette where you can keep active exercising the legs. The ball-type water dispenser is ideal for the hamster, although if you have a bowl type, it is also acceptable. Make sure you have a dispenser for food that is always kept clean.

Place the substrate on the floors of the cage

The ideal substrate for hamsters is compressed newspaper, which is the material that is placed on the floor of the cage. A layer covering the floors should be placed on all levels of the cage, as this is the best material for the hamster bed.

Add a generous amount of hay in the cage

Hamsters need to have a kind of hiding place so they can have a space created by themselves. Place the hay in a considerable amount in a corner preferably for them to create the shelter, which they usually use in order to store food.

Add water and food

The hamsters themselves do not need much water, but they should always have fresh water. Fill the water dispenser and place it on the lid of the cage or, alternatively, add clean water to the respective bowl. Place the food for hamsters in the respective bowl.

A very important aspect is that you should not place food several times a day, since the hamsters take a part of the food and place it in their respective shelters. Take your precautions regarding this so that your pet does not get fat before its time.


Place your hamsters in the cage

Once the cage is ready for your pet, proceed to place it in the new house. It is very important to know that male hamsters live with females, not with other males because these animals are very dominant. It is recommended to place the number of hamsters according to the capacity of the cage, but that all have enough space.

Perform the cleaning of the cage

To do this, remove all dispensers and bowls. Then clean the substrate and remaining food, if any. Next, clean the floors and cage with a damp cloth. Finally, clean the dispensers and bowls so they can be used again.

How to clean the hamster cage

Hygiene is very important for the health of the pet and ensure a long and happy life. Even if a deep cleaning is done once a week, small daily cleanings should be carried out, in which we will remove the fecal waste from the pet.

It is good to clean the cage with warm water and neutral soap, to which you can add vinegar. From time to time we will also disinfect with suitable cleaning products, and then rinse the surfaces, so that the hamster can not suck any remaining disinfectant. If you prefer, you can get other types of specific disinfectants in pet stores.

Cage accessories.

1) Bed for hamsters

The cage should have a good bed or substrate, since being the animal hamster burrows in the wild, it requires continuous digging. The bed will be extended throughout the floor of the cage. In the market there are many types of bed made from untreated natural wood chips, sawdust, or nuts among others.

The best bed for hamsters is a natural bed without odors, although hay can also be used, which in addition to serving the nest, is part of the pet’s diet and is an important source of fiber . Hay is also beneficial because its consumption contributes to the necessary wear of the teeth. A good substrate base guarantees that the animal will be happy digging, since it is its nature.

It is absolutely forbidden to use cat litter because it causes respiratory problems. Nor will we use wood chips treated with chemicals, because they cause serious health problems. In addition some woods such as pine and cedar are toxic to hamsters. 

2) The booth and the nest of your hamster

Your hamster will need a small house to take refuge and have your privacy to be quiet. This can be of various materials, from plastic to natural and organic materials. Inside her, she will build her nest to sleep, and this can not be of any material, since some are very dangerous for hamsters.

We tell you in detail how it should be a house for hamsters and what materials you must provide to make your nest , in the previous link.

3) Wheels

The wheel is one of the most important accessories that the cage should have, because it is the tool for your hamster to exercise. That yes,  it should not be your only toy, because if not, your hamster can become obsessed with the wheel, not finding other ways to entertain.

The best hamster wheels are those made of hard plastic, and we will never buy those with holes , bars separated from each other, slits, which can cause the legs of the hamster to get caught or get trapped. It must have a stable base to avoid accidents and that can be fastened well to the cage. To prevent injuries to the legs, the floor of the wheel must be a flat surface. Remember that the wheel is for exercise and fun so it must be in the best conditions.

Keep in mind that the wheel should be the right size for your hamster. If he arches his back while running, it is a sign that the wheel is too small , and this can injure your hamster. So when you go to buy the wheel, choose one of a diameter greater than the size of your pet.

4) Feeders and drinking fountains

A feeder with a heavy consistency should be provided to prevent it from spilling and spilling the food. As for the drinker, the best is the ball bottle that supplies the water without watering, avoiding humidity.

These utensils or accessories should be cleaned twice a week, in particular the bottle bottle. It is recommended to use hot water to avoid the formation of harmful microorganisms. Two important things must be taken into account with the sprue, one is that it must function correctly without dripping when the hamster is not using it, the second is that it is at a suitable height and not too high.

5) Sand bath 

Something with which we can consent to the pet is with a sand bath. This helps the hamster maintain a beautiful and shiny fur. The bath can be carried out once every two weeks, or once a week, taking care not to leave it for a long time since it can be taken as a hygienic bed and to relieve itself.

6) Toys and entertainment

The only means of entertainment for the hamster in the cage should not be the wheel. Hamsters are very active and playful animals, so in addition to the cage should have a variety of toys for fun. Ramps, houses, hiding places.

We can have many toys, which is good to change regularly, so that the novelty motivates you and prevent you from getting bored. Even the branches of fruit trees are a good option, in addition to useful as they help to wear your teeth.  On the other hand, a hamster that is in a circle of monotony can develop anxiety and stress, and in the long run, this can shorten his life.

To pamper you and help you clean your fur, we can brush it with a soft bristle brush. We can also help our hamster by brushing him with a soft bristle toothbrush.

Types of cages for hamsters

Now that you know the things you need to look for when choosing or buying the best cages for hamsters, it’s time to look at the different types of hamster cages and with these form the basis of your journey as a hamster owner.

  1. Wire-Top – They are easily recognizable by the wire structure of the habitat combined with a lower plastic tray. These provide exceptional ventilation, are very easy to clean, and provide easy access to your pets. Unfortunately, the bars can be chewed by your pet and the spaces between the bars can be excellent exit points for the bed materials pushed by the hamsters.
  2.  Plastic tanks – plastic hamster cages are a great joy to have. These often come pre-packaged with all the accessories you can imagine to start your journey of owning a hamster. These are fully expandable, which means you can add other plastic hamster cages together to make an entire ecosystem of habitats. And because you essentially have a solid plastic wall, you can easily fill it with all the bedding material you want. Sadly, ventilation is not really a big attribute of plastic tanks. To their credit it has to be cages for cheap hamsters. On the contrary, the complexity of its tubes, tunnels, wheels, mini houses, and other accessories can make cleaning a challenge. If a pet decides to hide in the middle of a long tube or tunnel, removing it can be disconcerting, since forcing the animal out can damage or scare it. In addition, some are known that stubborn chewers destroy exposed plastic components.
  3. Aquariums or glass tanks – These can be reused aquariums or even specially constructed glass tanks. They can be with or without a lid, although if with a generally it is made of a superior wire extension. The beauty of the glass tank is that it secures your pets inside. The transparent nature of the glass also allows greater visibility of what your creatures are doing. It is completely chewproof and you can apply a layer of bedding as deep as possible. And if by chance you have a dwarf hamster, putting them in a glass tank allows easy access. Unfortunately, this type of hamster cage is quite heavy. Cages for hamsters

How to install a cage for hamster

Once you have chosen the right home and most appropriate for your pet hamster, it is time before you start putting your pet. Again, the key here is to select the 
appropriate tank or enclosure option for the type of hamster you have. If you already have the cage, here is the next set of steps you need to take on how to set up a hamster cage.

1. Choose a location for the hamster’s cage.

The hamsters should be in a comfortable environment, preferably at room temperature. They are also particularly active at night, so putting the cage in the bedroom is not a good idea. 
The most suitable place for hamsters is the living room. However, you should place them where they are not exposed to loud noises, as they have a keen sense of hearing.

2. Prepare the bedding.

Extends bedding material on the floor of the hamster’s cage. Make sure it is deep enough of these furry animals. Putting a bedding that is at 
least 2 inches deep should help protect your pet’s feet while also allowing odors and for liquids to be absorbed more efficiently.

3. Add the accessories.

Once the bedding has been placed, you can now begin to add extras or accessories such as tunnels, game platforms, tubes, exercise wheels, food bowls or plates, water bottles or bowls, and other things that you could want to include Just remember not to cram the house as your pet also needs a lot of space to roam freely.


Hamsters are excellent pets for beginners, especially children. Like all pets, they also deserve the right home to thrive and realize their being. Knowing what you need to look for when choosing the right hamster cage is crucial to taking care of them in the right way. With these 10 best cages for hamsters that we have prepared for you, we are sure that you are on the way to becoming a good hamster owner.