Best Chinchilla Cage Reviews

If you’re like most animal lovers, you can’t even say the word chinchilla without having a smile pop up on your face. Chinchillas are absolutely adorable animals that love to jump around and play. In fact, they can jump down from heights as far up as six feet in the air! Not to mention, they’re super cuddly and have the softest fur out of all the land mammals. Chinchillas make great pets, too. Before you decide that you want to adopt your very own chinchilla there’s a few things you need to keep in mind. For example, what kind of housing are you going to provide for your new furry friend?

Before you can decide the type of housing you’re going to get-

There’s a few things you might want to take into consideration.

 Finding the Right Place

When trying to figure out where you’re going to keep the chinchilla’s cage, you have to remember that chinchillas are nocturnal. So make sure to keep it away from places that have a lot of sunlight so they can sleep during the day, and if you don’t want to get woken up in the middle of the night, it probably shouldn’t be in your room either. Once you figure out where you’re going to put the cage, now you can decide how big you want it to be.

 They Need Plenty of Room

Chinchillas have a lot of energy and really enjoy jumping from surface to surface. Because of this, you need to make sure that the cage you get is large enough for them to get plenty of playtime in. If you can’t fit an extremely large cage in your home, you just want to make sure that they’re not cramped and they have plenty of room to move around freely.

Chinchillas are Escape Artists

In order to try to prevent your chinchilla from escaping, you need to make sure that the bars are close enough together so they can’t slip through and make their getaway. You also want to make sure that the bars are far enough apart so their little arms or legs don’t get stuck.

Chinchillas are Rodents

So that means they have absolutely no problem chewing through anything that’s made of wood, rubber, or plastic. Your best bet is to stick with a nice metal cage, that way there’s no risk of them eating their way out. Remember, they’re escape artists!

Make it FUN!

As you know by now, chinchillas are definitely huge fans of jumping and climbing. This is probably because they’re originally from places that have mountains with high altitudes. So keep this in mind when you’re buying their cage and make sure that it comes with plenty of platforms and levels for them to play on. Your chinchilla will be grateful!

Here are Top 5 Chinchilla Cage to Setup on Your Home

1. Cat Playpen / Cat Cage by MidWest Homes for Pets

The Cat Playpen is undeniably perfect for homes or apartments that don’t have too much room to spare, especially since it can be easily folded down for storage. Do you like to travel? Even better! Just fold it up and toss it in the trunk before you leave.

Nobody likes having to spend a lot of time cleaning up after their animals. The Playpen was designed with a slide-out, leak-proof plastic floor pan for quick and easy clean-up. The cat cage also has large front doors that swing open, making it extremely easy to get in there to give it a good scrub. The front doors have secure door latches so you don’t have worry about your little Houdini making a quick escape.

With three different platforms to choose from, your chinchilla could spend all day jumping from level to level. And because the levels are adjustable, you can put them at a height you’re comfortable with to ensure that your chinchilla won’t be in any danger of hurting themselves if they fall down.


  • The Cat Playpen is fully collapsible making it convenient for storage and portability.
  • Your chinchilla will be living in the lap of luxury in the Playpen since it comes with a Plush Ultra-Soft Durable Chenille Bed.
  • The Playpen has four roll and lock casters allowing you to move across any floor with ease.


  • The Playpen isn’t too sturdy, but that can be easily fixed by adding zip ties at all of the connection points.
  • Due to the fact that the corners don’t seal together properly there is the risk of your furry friend getting their little hand or foot stuck. Using zip ties could fix this, as well.
  • With it weighing 40 pounds, it’s a bit on the heavier side so you might need more than one person to put it together.

2. Yaheetech 52” 6 Level Indoor Ferret Rabbit Small Animal Cage Hutch Black with 3 Front Doors

The Yaheetech is the ideal cage for your playful critter. With its five shelves and five ramps, your chinchilla will be able to spend all night running around and playing until the sun begins to rise in the morning. You’ll definitely have to keep this cage in another room if you want to get any kind of sleep, unless you can sleep through the sounds of him running around, of course.

The Yaheetech cage has three oversized front opening doors that are convenient for accessing  the cage. No matter what level your little one is on you’ll be able to get in there and grab him with no problem. Is your current cage difficult to clean because you don’t have anywhere to set your animal while you get down to the nitty gritty? Well, that ends here. The Yaheetech has a slide-out grid with a handle to set your chinchilla on while you’re tending to his mess. No need to worry about your pet getting himself stuck in between the bars with the Yaheetech cage. Each of the bars have 1 inch of space between them, so there’s no risk of him being injured.


  • The Yaheetech cage comes with an 8.5 ounce water bottle and a plastic food box.
  • The cage is pretty easy to assemble and doesn’t take too much time.


  • Since the platforms aren’t adjustable, there’s the risk of smaller animals falling down and injuring themselves.
  • The platforms are a bit slick to it can be difficult for animals to walk up them because they’re unable to grip the surface.

3. Midwest Critter Nation with Stand

The Critter Nation Double Unit is the Cadillac of animal cages. The cage comes complete with three ramps and three ramp covers for your little one to climb and jump all over. And when your favorite furry friend gets too tired and needs to take a little rest, there are two resting shelves for him to choose from. Talk about a spoiled!

This cage comes with not one, but two removable base pans, making cleanup an extremely easy process! Not only that, the full width double doors provide you with maximum access to the inside of the cage. No more straining to get the cage cleaned or fighting with the door to feed your chinchilla! The Critter Nation Double Unit also has dual-locking door latches that are to sure to keep even the sneakiest of critters from escaping! You’ll never have to worry about coming home to an empty cage ever again. This cage may be a bit on the pricier side, but you’ll see that it’s worth it once you notice how happy your chinchilla is in his new home!


  • The 1/2 inch horizontal wire spacing makes it easy for your pet to climb and explore their environment with ease.
  • Each ramp is covered with a “happy feet ramp cover” to provide traction and to protect your animal’s feet.
  •  There are several different places inside of the cage for you to add tubes, hammocks, and whatever kind of toy your chinchilla enjoys playing with.


  • The cage is rather difficult to put together so you may need more than one person to get the job done.

4. Yaheetech 6 Level 52” Large Ferret Cage and Habitats Small Animal Hutch with 3 Front Doors

You don’t need to worry about your chinchilla getting bored inside of this cage. The Yaheetech 6 has five different shelves for him to play on and five ramps for him to climb on. That sounds like endless hours of fun for your happy furbaby! If you’re like most people, you don’t want to buy something that’s going to take all day to assemble. If that’s the case, then this is the cage for you. It’s extremely easy and quick to put together. It takes about 20 minutes to assemble so you have more time to do other things, like watch your chinchilla do really cute acrobatics in his new home.

Not one person likes trying to cram their arm inside of a cage to clean out the build-up of gunk out of all the nooks and crannies, so one of the major selling points of this cage is the slide-out tray at the bottom. It makes clean-up simple, and the quicker you can clean up, the faster your chinchilla can get back to doing what he does best.


  • The price is great for those that want something fantastic, but don’t want to spend a lot of money.
  • The 1 inch spacing between the bars makes it impossible for most animals to get stuck.
  • The cage is made out of metal so there’s absolutely no chance that your chinchilla would chew his way out. And if he can chew through it you have a major problem on your hands.


  • The ramps don’t fit into the hooks as well as they should so they fall out easily.
  • The bottom of the cage is wire so it’s not ideal for your chinchilla’s little feet.

5. Prevue Hendryx Black Feisty Ferret Cage

The amount of room in this cage is perfect for any type of chinchilla, especially the more energetic ones. They’ll be able to stay busy all night climbing and jumping on all three of the ramps. And when they’re ready to take it easy when morning comes they have a choice of three platforms to sleep on. They can even climb into the hammock if they’re feeling especially lazy that day.

If you’re like most chinchilla owners then you’re a bit nervous about your little one escaping from their cage. Well, put those fears to rest with the Prevue Hendryx cage. The large hinged doors are virtually escape-proof, so there’s no need to worry about whether or not your favorite furry animal is going to be there when you get home.

Are you running out of room in your home for all of your chinchilla’s belongings? Have you started taking over the storage closet with bags of food and toys? That stops now! The Prevue Hendryx cage comes with its very own storage shelf. Not only is it a convenient way to store your pet’s food, but now you can have your own storage space back.


  • All you need is a little muscle and this cage is fairly simple to put together.
  • The cage can actually come apart and turn into two separate cages.
  • The platforms in the cage are extremely secure so there’s no risk of your animal falling off one and hurting themselves.


  • The plastic ramps are pretty hard, which could make it difficult for you animal’s little feet to grip onto.

Final Words, Purchasing the perfect cage for your chinchilla is a huge decision that requires a lot of consideration. Hopefully, you fell in love with one of the cages that you read about here today, but if you didn’t see something that you like, don’t fret. Just keep in mind that your chinchilla’s safety is the most important part when buying a cage. Purchasing a cage that isn’t sturdy, or large enough for your chinchilla, could put your pet in harm’s way. As long as your chinchilla can be safe, happy, and healthy, you’re going to make the best decision for you and your furry friend!